Hotel Fazenda Fonte Colina: Your One-Stop Shop Resort!

The Hotel Fazenda Fonte Colina Verde is such a tourist spot! This resort and farm hotel is so amazing with its lofty environment, accommodations and facilities. As it is only a few kilometers away from the magnificent city of So Paulo, families can now have a perfect place to conduct family bonding, reunions and many more programs. 

Since Hotel Fazenda is of 200 thousand square meters and typically rural, it will be a very relaxing and unwinding haven for every pressured and fed up individual who used to live in the daily turmoil of the city. With its huge ground area, one can spend the rest of the day with horseback riding and enjoy every the paramount view of the hills around the hotel. Moreover, with the vast array of green pasture, green plants and just everything, you eyes will absolutely be relaxed and refresh. The tantalizing spring, the tempting lake and the exciting pool will torment you with excessive lure just for you to give them a try.

This resort is so climatic accompanied with the great country style giving an amazing ambiance in which you can definitely enjoy each of the moment as you do your own thing. Furthermore, the hotel caters to every age bracket or generally for families who are looking for a place to strengthen family ties. Your kids will have fun with any of these accommodations:
• Kids pool
• Mini-farm
• Water park
• Recreation room
• Playground

Also, for those who wanted to keep their shape, get fit and do their faved sports or even just take pleasure sipping coffee and unwind through music they can go to:

• Health and fitness
• Sports ground and swimming pools
• Luxurious bars
• Plush coffee shops
• Deluxe restaurants

The hotel kitchen are full of palatable goodies, great menus, and just the pleasure of healthy and delicious farm dishes which are freshly picked and so as the quality veggies and fruits straight from its very own farm.


Hotel Fazenda Estrela da Serra—Your Perfect Exit From The City

Living in concert with the magnificence of the nature is such a privilege. Everywhere you go and everything you do, you’ll see a lot of greens and flowers blooming towards you. You can feel the liberty of walking down a path full of trees where birds are humming for your soul. With an enormous falls nearby, the sensation you’ll experience will give you that unfathomable satisfaction.

Hotel Fazenda Estrela da Serra

At Hotel Fazenda Estrela da Serra, you will discover a life that’s ecologically perfect! No doubts in agreeing with the mantra that goes “simplicity is beauty” for indeed it is. With the exquisiteness of the chalets that go in harmony with the splendor of nature, every individual will surely love to stay long. Every room possesses a spacious balcony with detailed landscape around it. Here, you will always experience the comfort and tranquility offered inside in which you truly deserve.

Moreover, it is family friendly as it has pools, leisure grounds, sports areas and a lot more spaces to strengthen family closeness and to hold family reunions and bonding. It is perfect for girlfriend bonding and sports activities for colleagues. The rooms could cater up to five persons and still offer comfort and relaxation.

The pools and falls are excellent for those who wanted to feel the warmth of water to have contact to their bodies and want to improve their capability in swimming. There is also playground for children. It offers a wide array of toys to perfectly provide your children the fun and enjoyment they justly deserve.

Hotel Fazenda Estrela da Serra is wonderfully structure to make it excellent for the whole family. It is surrounded with rich-of-farm-food restaurants but if you wanted something classy, there are also luxurious restaurants and coffee shops nearby. What more can you ask for? Great accommodations are on the wait for you!

Indeed, There Is No Place Like Fazenda

The famous and well-renowned Hotel Fazenda Sao Paulo was strategically designed and built in order to take advantage of it natural beauty together with its magnificent lake, lush mountains, extravagant falls, and the opulence of its poultry and vegetation and all kinds of amazing flora.

Hotel fazenda em guararema sp

The tranquility one can get from its peaceful and quite nature will surely put anyone of distressed soul at peace. Its beautiful landscape will bring forth joy and enjoyment to the mind and spirit of everyone.

Hotel Fazenda Estrela da Serra

Experience and feel each and every moment of staying in a good hotel or rental apartment. See your stresses flying away from you as you lie on your back with the most comfortable beds in the world which as if only experienced by the use of magic.

Tania na tirolesa do Hotel Fazenda Floresta do Lago em Socorro-SP

Enjoy the luscious furnishings of your stay which comes complete with fridge, TV fan, and everything you needed. Get enchanted with various recreational activities that will surely make everyone laugh their hearts out due to utter delight. Come and play with your family with its beautifully constructed pool, have fun at the fishing lake, go swimming to the waterfall, enjoy viewing the field by horseback riding and just everything under the sun!

Hotel Fazenda Arandu-SP

What a brilliant and excellent choice of course with natural beauty, charm, tranquility, uniqueness, priced tourism and of course a very good value put together into one? You couldn’t be asking for more.

Why You Can Never Get Enough Of Hotel Fazenda

Hotel Fazenda Sao Paulo is beyond a perfect place for every family around the globe. With their much preserves rainforest and a side area for just everything, you will more than compelled to sports such as paragliding, trekking, stone climbing motor cross, cycling, jogging, horseback riding and a bunch of lot more.

With its lively day life and nightlife alike and prestigious bars, luxurious restaurants, extravagant cafes and gorgeous nightclubs, you will absolutely be lured to not sleep and make the most out of your stay. Moreover, you can still choose to enjoy the spectacular view of the rainforest, lake, pool and hills if you wanted to unwind and feel the tranquility brought to you by the surroundings.

This is such a great option for the whole family especially that the place is very child-friendly. The delectable food and healthy kids’ meals play ground for the kids and also a pool that is only for them and of course there is also a pool for the adults to warm up through swimming or bonding with your other friends.

Hotel Fazenda Recanto das Águas

This farm hotel is full of animals that will surely entertain you all day long such as rabbits, chalets and a lot more. Also, the rooms are very cozy and comfortable that will pamper your boy and will give that relief from stress.

Hotel Fazenda Invernadinha e Churrasco na Vala

The services are very satisfactory and always available even when late at night. When you get to take a walk around the adorable lake, the housekeeping services will take care of all the mess in your room and they change your bed sheets that will give your room a fresh new look.

Hotel Fazenda Pousada Jacaúna em Brotas – SP

Everything here is certainly good; you will always be coming back. More likely, you can never get enough of everything you see, hear and feel for this is your soul’s comfort zone and unique resting place.

Hotel Fazenda Santa Mônica 2009

So what are you waiting for? Inquire now and have you reservations done!

Make The Most Of Your Vacation Only At Hotel Fazenda

Hotel Fazenda Sao Paulo has absolutely gorgeous infrastructure which have great pools, sports courts, restaurants, games room, children’s’ playgrounds and a lot more! All of this plus its cutting-edge accommodations which will never make you regret for staying. This place is indeed a perfect getaway for every family who have been experiencing a very busy routine all their lives. As summer vacation approaches, get ready to unwind!

Hotel Fazenda 3 Poderes

Hotel Fazenda is such an exciting place to stay with your family with its incredibly fascinating settings that is combined with the beauty of nature. It features forests, lakes, trails and a lot more that will absolutely hook up your attention.


What’s more? it is excellent for those who are looking for space and privacy, comfort of the farm and simply want to experience the tranquility offered by the fresh relaxing breeze of the wind. As the hotel stands out, we guarantee you a spectacular view of the dazzling ocean.

Hotel Fazenda Minuano

Rooms are equipped with everything you need which will certainly make you feel like home. If you fund of riding the horse’s back, the ranch is perfect for that joyride of yours. Moreover, we offer you utterly delectable food that the ranch’s vegetable and freshly picked fruit and fruit products.

Hotel Fazenda

Another thing why it is one of the most-sought after places particularly in Brazil is because it is enclose by valleys and Exuberant natural beauty of both the sea and nature. You can expect a great day always as the sun never fail to shine to you everyday making it a very magnificent region!

Hotel Fazenda—Spending Your Vacation In the Most Sought-After Paradise

Surrounded by moments, beautiful rainforest, breathtaking waterfall and fantastic lake, Hotel Fazenda is the perfect paradise for you and your family. You will find that soothing tranquility you have long been waiting for. Take a stroll into the lakeside that is full of diverse fishes by riding great white horses.

Rede Banstur de Hotéis: Hotel Fazenda Estrela da Serra

Hotel Fazenda Monte Alto

It is more than just a comfortable hotel as it has the ambiance of family home, genuine, simple and luxurious sites to visit to. Additionally, you can never get enough of the delicacies which taste will surely burst into your mouth!

Hotel Fazenda Cabugi

Hotel Fazenda Mirage

Hotel Fazenda is a unique place where both nature and diversity of the culture will absolutely entice your whole being to spend your holiday, and summer vacations here.

Hotel Fazenda: The Great Escape Of Your Entire Life

Are you looking for a place that has high-end facilities yet preserves its real nature, history and poultry? I definitely think it’s time for you to get to know Hotel Fazenda! Get the real smell of nature with this state that is rich of natural beauty and attractions. With just a short distance to the pool, lake and the sea, you will surely love to stay here for the rest of your life!

So, if your soul has long been searching for a place that offers you tranquility and invites you to unwind from your regular busy days, Hotel Fazenda is more than just perfect you!


Despite being within the farm, Hotel Fazenda offers you that luxurious, comfortable yet inexpensive rate for staying. As you spend your days here, you will be overlooking the splendid rainforest, falls and a lot more natural resources that will amazingly capture all of your attention.

Segredos da Mulher Hotel Fazenda Poços de Caldas

The silence and simplicity of the countryside has made it the very best option to those who wanted to escape their fast-paced world; thus making it a perfect getaway.

Enjoy its gorgeous offers of fun and entertainment and so as leisure activities such as, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping, fishing and a lot more things only here at the precious and widely recognized for its class and plush accommodation Hotel Fazenda!