Want to know what it is that makes Hotel Fazenda on of the special place in the world? It is simply irresistible. With the cold breeze that brushes your hair away from your face, the tranquility you can feel when walking down to its breathtaking garden, that serenity in your soul watching the midnight stars, great dining experience and a lot more superb things you are going to enjoy when having a vacation here.

With this tantalizing picture only, how much more if you can see some of this wonderful paradise’s other part? To do so, please watch these videos:

This great ranch is where you can perfectly unwind from the daily hustle and bustle that your work presses on you. The atmosphere is great particularly in the field where you can have all the space you want with its huge area.

Anyone can always come at anytime of the day. This place is definitely ideal especially for families. Moreover, it is also great for newlyweds, seminar sessions of teenagers and kids as well as it caters to all age groups. It is also because Hotel Fazenda has limitless source of entertainment you can never get enough of.

This farm hotel can be considered as a hidden paradise that is still undiscovered by many tourists and families who want to make the most out of their vacation. It is a green paradise where is everywhere. The excellence of accommodating our visitors is unquestionable. We guarantee you satisfaction in everything we offer you along with entertainment packages that you will surely appeal to.


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