Hotel Fazenda: Get In Touch Of The Perfect Haven

Come to a place where philosophy is the basis of the excellence of serving you with paramount importance. A hotel whose main goal is to satisfy customers and visitors with great amenities that absolutely meet their every need. Farm hotels are separated from the civilization of the city, the daily hustle and bustle of the crowd and the constant noise of vehicles.


Here, you will experience being in a place where you can view the astonishing waves of the turquoise blue waters of the lake. Get surrounded by the ambiance of classic beauty merged with modern accouterments as make your way towards Hotel Fazenda.


At Hotel Fazenda, we value the comfort you have been looking for next to your very own home. We value your privacy as we offer you the solace of nature’s stunning beauty as well as the quality service.

Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso – Cuiabá (MT)

Everything is provided and offered with a lot off charm particularly when it comes to leisure and entertainment. As our facilities and services are done with great candid towards you our visitors and is literally s that of modern era, we still integrate it with the real beauty of untouched nature.

Hotel Fazenda Paraiso das Corredeiras

Everything is just hammock snoozes as soon as you get here. The rainforest and the fields are splendid and the lake is just amazing you can’t help admire this exotic beauty of nature and will always be enticed to go for your next round of vacation.


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