Make The Most Of Your Vacation Only At Hotel Fazenda

Hotel Fazenda Sao Paulo has absolutely gorgeous infrastructure which have great pools, sports courts, restaurants, games room, children’s’ playgrounds and a lot more! All of this plus its cutting-edge accommodations which will never make you regret for staying. This place is indeed a perfect getaway for every family who have been experiencing a very busy routine all their lives. As summer vacation approaches, get ready to unwind!

Hotel Fazenda 3 Poderes

Hotel Fazenda is such an exciting place to stay with your family with its incredibly fascinating settings that is combined with the beauty of nature. It features forests, lakes, trails and a lot more that will absolutely hook up your attention.


What’s more? it is excellent for those who are looking for space and privacy, comfort of the farm and simply want to experience the tranquility offered by the fresh relaxing breeze of the wind. As the hotel stands out, we guarantee you a spectacular view of the dazzling ocean.

Hotel Fazenda Minuano

Rooms are equipped with everything you need which will certainly make you feel like home. If you fund of riding the horse’s back, the ranch is perfect for that joyride of yours. Moreover, we offer you utterly delectable food that the ranch’s vegetable and freshly picked fruit and fruit products.

Hotel Fazenda

Another thing why it is one of the most-sought after places particularly in Brazil is because it is enclose by valleys and Exuberant natural beauty of both the sea and nature. You can expect a great day always as the sun never fail to shine to you everyday making it a very magnificent region!


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