Hotel Fazenda Estrela da Serra—Your Perfect Exit From The City

Living in concert with the magnificence of the nature is such a privilege. Everywhere you go and everything you do, you’ll see a lot of greens and flowers blooming towards you. You can feel the liberty of walking down a path full of trees where birds are humming for your soul. With an enormous falls nearby, the sensation you’ll experience will give you that unfathomable satisfaction.

Hotel Fazenda Estrela da Serra

At Hotel Fazenda Estrela da Serra, you will discover a life that’s ecologically perfect! No doubts in agreeing with the mantra that goes “simplicity is beauty” for indeed it is. With the exquisiteness of the chalets that go in harmony with the splendor of nature, every individual will surely love to stay long. Every room possesses a spacious balcony with detailed landscape around it. Here, you will always experience the comfort and tranquility offered inside in which you truly deserve.

Moreover, it is family friendly as it has pools, leisure grounds, sports areas and a lot more spaces to strengthen family closeness and to hold family reunions and bonding. It is perfect for girlfriend bonding and sports activities for colleagues. The rooms could cater up to five persons and still offer comfort and relaxation.

The pools and falls are excellent for those who wanted to feel the warmth of water to have contact to their bodies and want to improve their capability in swimming. There is also playground for children. It offers a wide array of toys to perfectly provide your children the fun and enjoyment they justly deserve.

Hotel Fazenda Estrela da Serra is wonderfully structure to make it excellent for the whole family. It is surrounded with rich-of-farm-food restaurants but if you wanted something classy, there are also luxurious restaurants and coffee shops nearby. What more can you ask for? Great accommodations are on the wait for you!


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