Hotel Fazenda Fonte Colina: Your One-Stop Shop Resort!

The Hotel Fazenda Fonte Colina Verde is such a tourist spot! This resort and farm hotel is so amazing with its lofty environment, accommodations and facilities. As it is only a few kilometers away from the magnificent city of So Paulo, families can now have a perfect place to conduct family bonding, reunions and many more programs. 

Since Hotel Fazenda is of 200 thousand square meters and typically rural, it will be a very relaxing and unwinding haven for every pressured and fed up individual who used to live in the daily turmoil of the city. With its huge ground area, one can spend the rest of the day with horseback riding and enjoy every the paramount view of the hills around the hotel. Moreover, with the vast array of green pasture, green plants and just everything, you eyes will absolutely be relaxed and refresh. The tantalizing spring, the tempting lake and the exciting pool will torment you with excessive lure just for you to give them a try.

This resort is so climatic accompanied with the great country style giving an amazing ambiance in which you can definitely enjoy each of the moment as you do your own thing. Furthermore, the hotel caters to every age bracket or generally for families who are looking for a place to strengthen family ties. Your kids will have fun with any of these accommodations:
• Kids pool
• Mini-farm
• Water park
• Recreation room
• Playground

Also, for those who wanted to keep their shape, get fit and do their faved sports or even just take pleasure sipping coffee and unwind through music they can go to:

• Health and fitness
• Sports ground and swimming pools
• Luxurious bars
• Plush coffee shops
• Deluxe restaurants

The hotel kitchen are full of palatable goodies, great menus, and just the pleasure of healthy and delicious farm dishes which are freshly picked and so as the quality veggies and fruits straight from its very own farm.


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